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Overbearing parents.

A tiny reminder that this is L.ucky K.ittah on an acct that is not doxxed to family.
You know how people make jokes about sitting at the kids' table for Thanksgiving and being stuck there until you marry? I have no immediate plans to marry and no idea really if I ever will marry. I'm going to be at the kids' table for life.

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Tl;dr at bottom.

I'm not perfect, I'm far from it. I'm mentally ill. I've had a very rough decade. However I've been seeing a therapist and spend 3 hours a week doing various types of therapy. I'm good. Am I perfect? Hell no, but I'm so much better. In fact, I think I'm pretty badass and that my life is going really well and I'm SUPER proud of myself.


I need my parents. I do. I appreciate them and love them dearly. However, I don't need them to keep babying me. I'm 28 years old. It's time to stop asking me if I've made a doctor's appointment, or suggesting I do things that I've already done or made plans to do, or telling me to submit my own personal budget of my money to my father. I'm an adult. I have a calendar, a budget app, a fucking brain.

I'm not sure if this behavior stems from them being concerned about me because I'm the baby of the family or because of my mental health. It's likely a combination of both. A couple of years ago, I brought my parents in for family therapy with my therapist. We had about 5 or so sessions. Things got a bit better. It's all gone back downhill.


They are also incredibly attached to me. They only live about 5 mins away and expect to see me at least once a week. They make me feel horribly guilty if I do not. Shit, they try to get me to spend the night at their house once a weekend. Guys, I just can't. I love them and am very close to them, but I just can't. I don't mind seeing them most weekends, but I just can't stand that they expect it every weekend and then make me feel guilty whenever I leave their house... or my mother expects me the following day as well. It's just too much.


I'm really fed up with being treated like a delicate little flower.

I'm tired of them trying to control me.

I'm so desperate for freedom.

I'm about to spend an entire weekend in a cabin with them. God help me.

Anyway, I'm now weepy from stress and also hormones. I think this will be something I'll work on with my therapist. Setting up boundaries with them would be a good idea.


((Tl;dr: my parents treat me like a baby. I am not a baby.))

Also, please don't chime in with stuff like, "but they are just trying to help, they are worried, they love you, etc. etc." I'm most definitely looking for validation. I am SO aware they love me and I feel very, very guilty for feeling this way already. I just really needed to get this out. Thanks.

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